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Celine from Las Vegas, NV
My 16yo sister was tested and diagnosed with autism at a very young age. We were told that she should be medicated and maybe even institutionalized, but my mom, seeing other young children on medication, didnt want the medications to inhibit her growth and the development of her personality and individuality. It was difficult, but we managed. Now that my sister is 16, she has been experiencing anxiety, which has caused her to become aggressive. In the last school year, she’s been suspended for attacking her classmates- several times. Again, my parents were told that she should be medicated. After looking into the options, my parents decided to try CBD, rather than the prescription mood stablizers that were suggested by her therapist. My mom purchased a Hemp Trailz 30ct 600MG CBD Gummies bottle and gives my sister one gummy per day. My sister has made incredible progress. Her teachers have called my mom to tell her how much more compliant my sister is and how there are no longer any issues with her classmate. I have always loved and respected the Hemp Trailz brand; and now, that appreciation has grown x1000. CBD helped my sister, my family and her school staff tremendously.