Peanut Butter Syringe 500mg

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500mg Hemp/CBD infused Peanut Butter Pet Treat in a Syringe

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Ingredients: Manufactured with hemp oil with naturally occuring cbd, peanuts, sugar, palm oil, contains 2% or less of: salt, molasses. (by contrast, the ingredients for regular jif is: roasted peanuts & sugar, contains 2%or less of: Molasses, fully hydrogenated vegetable oils (rapeseed & soybean) mono & deglycerides, salt.)

Cats & Dogs BENEFITS: Calming, Supports Stress Reduction, and Promotes Relaxation.

SUGGESTED SERVING: 0.25mL of syringe

Example: 20 lb dog receives – 10mg CBD Per Day


1 review for Peanut Butter Syringe 500mg

  1. Paige

    Worked very well for my dog. She had cushing’s disease and was always very anxious when I had to leave her at home to run errands. She calmed down very much after taking this. Unfortunately she passed away from old age but 10/10 would recommend this product!

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